I do this stuff quite a lot these days. And they turned out quite respectably for Armistice. (Veterans' day for you yanks.) I was quite proud of the little tykes :-)

[ETA - WOW... LJ's own image store REALLY butchers images for quality, doesn't it??]

"4 Strings ft. Ellie Lawson - Safe From Harm"


Now, if you haven't been following, Ellie hasn't been sitting idle. Most of u r Americanz, and she's been doing stuff over here in Blighty. Nevertheless, til now, it's stuff that you would recognize.

This one, maybe not so much. Not only is it different to her other stuff, but it's a genre called "Trance". You won't know about this.. unless perhaps you live in South Beach, FL. We like it in England. And in a little part of England called "Ibiza".

salamander army


I never post! Well, here I am :-)


- I have no job, but am working on building a little freelance business with a mate. Partly hawking some training classes I wrote. No income yet, but some interesting inquiries. AG is understandably fretful. Fingers crossed...

- Scouts is going rather well, canal camp was great, and I am jointly running an Explorer Unit too. That's a little trickier. More of a challenge lets say ... 13-18 age group.

- AG is presently off visiting one of you on airmiles, and having a whale of a time. My airmiles expired... and besides, I need to work. I am even without the dog... though that is because I shipped him off to the parents so I could go on a kayak expedition this weekend :-)

- [ETA] prepping for too Scout events too many. This evening, the Explorers are playing with fire. This involved playing catch with, and footy with, a flaming T-shirt, wrapped in a little wire. It's soaked in BBQ lighter fuel. Also, tomorrow morning, a little overnight kayak trip. Never done this before. Checking I have all the right things packed in dry bags hopefully such that they don't leak and I don't have a sodden sleeping bag. There's really not enough room in the boat

Finally, you know I always like to share links. Here's one...

As you will guess, I particularly like the part that shows that protestants are stupidest and atheists cleverest, with all other religions in the middle. But don't accept my skewed summary.

Did you miss me?


Hello! I'll let adaras_r0se tell you the details. In fact, there are stories! I'm not allowed to relate spoilers! We're near Beerwah in Queensland, on an extended Stevo pilgrimage. Tigers on Wednesday now. I've bought a Crocodile Hunter shirt... smart Khaki. Figuring to quietly switch it in instead of my Scout Shirt and see if anyone notices. Having a fab time altogether. Oh, and the A380 with Singapore Airlines is fabulous. Don't bother with their other services, they've gone down the tube with all the other airlines. But they've kept the 380 stuff really good, and the same official leg room as the 747 is worth a lot more on the well-designed A380 seats. And they're wider too. Yay for an unstressed J. That woman can be hell on a cramped aircraft, so you just can't imagine how much better this was :D

Enjoy work, y'all!
jenni dabs hands



Did ye all have a fabbo Chrimble? We here did, though my dear adaras_r0se never does sleep during such family trips, that she's been catching up now we're home, and catches yet.

We came home to a droopy tree! Boo. Now, see, I left the heating on to keep the pipes from frosting. And I never did quite water it. But I must say - it's not right for it to get the droop of the ale maker. In my day, the needles fell off, but the boughs stood proud.

The dog sleeps on my breast whilst I type. And now he raiseth his damn head cos the wife stirs upstairs and I cannot see the aspect of the screen. Gahh.

I want to ask a question of you, kind reader; how pronounce you the following words? And whence come they? What foreign tongue originated each? My beloved and I, we cannot accord!

- Panettone
- Hermione
- Frangipane

Happy Hogmanay!